Thursday, 7 May 2015

Google Will Stop Displaying Emojis in SERP

Say goodbye to Emojis in the Google search results, at least from Google’s desktop search results.

From last couple of weeks Google has initiated displaying Emojis on desktop search results and then publishers, like Expedia, began trying to see if adding Emojis to their title tags and snippets would increase CTR from Google’s organic results or not.
After that, many other webmasters started adding emoji to their web page titles, finally leading to Google’s SERPs being somewhat overrun by cute and funny emoji symbols.
Google’s John Mueller said that the emoji will be removed from the search results soon, like Google dropped Unicode symbols back in 2003. It does not mean that your web pages will be penalized for putting emoji, Google will simply stop displaying the emoji in the search engine results pages.

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