Tuesday, 20 May 2014

10 useful tricks to keep in mind before launching a WordPress Website

Do you have plans to launch your WordPress website anytime soon? Then take a look at some of the useful tricks that can make your site as smooth as a knife on butter:
Add a Favicon: You definitely would not want to see the default WordPress logo on address bar. Just install a plugin that allows you to upload a custom favicon according to your brand.
Check Your Links: Make sure that you have crossed check all your links before launching. If it appears to be a time consuming task, then simply install a plugin called the Broken Link Checker. This will sort out the problem and iron out all those external links that are linking to 404 pages.
Get Rid of Dirty Permalinks: Permalinks can be a huge headache if they are not clean enough. You can spot these links while accessing a post or child page of your website. A standard permalink would usually read something like http://www.xyz.com/?p=1. They do not make any sense to the visitors of your website. So, simply change the settling by going to Settings>Permalinks. Just change the structure to ‘post name.’ In this way, you can change your permalink to an easily digestible link and enjoy some SEO benefits too.
Do not forget to update your copyright information: It is extremely important information which you just cannot afford to ignore. If you have bought any purchased theme, then remove the references to the development company as well as theme name. Add your own credential in its place and mark the year correctly.
Activate Akismet: This is easily one of the most important plugin as it helps in filtering out comments and tracking back spam as well. Just spare a couple of minutes to activate this plugin’s rich features and benefit from them.
Install Google Analytics: It is important to keep an eye on your traffic and you would not find a better tool than Google Analytics. Install Yoast and you would not have to spend extra time on coding either.
Get a Sitemap: By creating a sitemap for your site, you can make the work of search engines a lot simpler as they can index it easily and quickly. By installing Google XML Sitemaps, your sitemap will update automatically with every new page.
Get Google Authorship With Fancier Author Box: Google Authorship helps a great deal in increasing the amount of traffic to your website and enhancing your search results as well. The process is slightly complicated but Fancier Author Box makes it simpler. This will give you better control over the plugin. In addition, this will also generate a profile picture right next to your blog on search results.
Make Your Site Secure: Get Better WP Security and provide your website a safety net against basic attacks. It not only removes the ‘admin’ username but makes it available at your preferred time so that you can make the editions. It also sends saved backups in the form of emails, which can be used in the event of attacks on your website.
Never Compromise on Hosting: Hosting plays a decisive role in making a website efficient. Get WP Engine and make your website faster and securer. You might have to shell out extra bucks for hosting service providers such as GoDaddy and DreamHost, but it is absolute worth the money. That’s because you will get unmatched customer service from a hosting company that only utilizes WordPress.

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Getting your Business the Online Exposure it Deserves

You can’t finish off your online venture by just creating a website. True, this is your online identity but if it has little exposure, you may as well chuck the whole idea of setting up a business online.
Why you need a great online exposure is that it will help you attract the potential traffic that you are aiming for. Without enough exposure, you will be only receiving low and irregular traffic that will kill your online business.
You need to plan a detailed direction to reach your destination. Remember that there are numerous online marketing strategies that will be able to drive in a large traffic flow but not all are fit for all.
The following are some tips that will help you get maximum exposure and catch the attention of the potential buyers:
Blog marketing: Online businesses have benefited a lot from blogs. You can create a blog and post about any information that is related to your industry. Blogs can catch any attention once it gets a hit from the audience or from the search engines.
Pay per click: Pay per click advertisement is a very effective Internet marketing strategy but it can cost more. This strategy may not be feasible if you have a very limited budget for your marketing campaign.
Link Building: One of the most selected and popular strategies to attract traffic, link building may be one such strategy that will fit all requirements. It can help you gain huge publicity and make sure you are listed at the search engine rankings.
Social Media Marketing: The biggest trend today and a big essential strategy for today’s business. You can expand your reach through social media marketing. Why not? When Facebook has over 500 million potential customers and people sending 50 million tweets a day, you have only great opportunities in this platform.
Web Analytics: Understanding how your traffic works will give you full advantage of targeting them. It helps to monitor your visitors and users, thus assisting you to prepare for an Internet marketing plan and a course of action.
The above points are only a few effective strategies that would not only help to boost the chances for more online exposures but get you more traffic. You can hire a professional service provider to implement the strategy for a better result.
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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Helping Your Business Grow

Growing your business in today’s market requires an online presence. It used to be that a small shop on Main Street would be successful based on foot traffic and referrals, today’s market requires an online presence to bring more customers to your location. Here are some important things you should know to help grow your business in an online marketplace:
A must have in today’s marketplace is an online presence in the form of a website. Not only will potential customers begin to look for your company through internet searches, those who call you for information will also likely ask for your website address so that they can find out more about you online. Your website it therefore an important way to share information about your company, your services, and your products with your customers. For these reasons, when creating your website it is important to have your information streamlined, easy to access and understand. Your website can help to grow your business through added exposure as well as additional sales if you add a shopping component. Online sales have been increasing steadily over the years. If your product is something that can be sold and shipped, consider making it available for purchase through your website. You’ll soon have customers finding and buying at various times both day and night.
Social Media. One of the fastest growing forms of advertising is through social media. It is has become just about as important to have a social media outlet for your business as a website. Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter have become the norm as many business slogans end with “Like us on Facebook” or “Follow us on Twitter”. To be competitive in the market your business needs to have an online social media presence. These outlets can also offer many advertising opportunities both free and paid. Social media is responsible for the fastest growth of business through word of mouth with an all new twist.
Consider the services offered by a SEO company. SEO services are designed to highlight your business by moving it to the top of search engine listings. SEO services and articles can help to highlight features your business has to offer. Quality SEO content is not only a great way to move to the top of a search, but can also share valuable information with your customers as well as others. SEO opportunities can help to grow your business by increasing your exposure online.
Whether you are just opening your doors for the first time, or want to increase your business again the use of online resources is becoming a vital ingredient for any advertising campaign. Through search engine results and social media pages you will be able to reach customers in a variety of different ways.